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Eye Toy madness

EyeToy Play has proved to be a raging success in Europe, already selling over 250,000 out of the 500,000 taken delivery of. And with future game themes, Sony’s expecting to shift more sharpish.

Talking to German videogames trade magazine MCV, managing director of Sony Germany, Manfred Gerdes, said that Sony hopes to boost the sales of the EyeToy even further with the new games to follow on from the oiginal EyeToy Play.

First up this November is EyeToy Groove, a dancing game similar to the dancing mat games – but with you as the gibbon-armed on-screen star.

Herr Gerdes also announced that there will be further topic-based EyeToy games, the first being EyeToy Sport featuring various sports, and that it will feature online duels with other EyeToy owners.

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