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Ever wondered why games have age ratings?

Those who winge and whine about the age ratings on games such as GTA Vice City should buy a copy of The Daily Mail (about 40p) and flick to page 33.

The article in question is of a boy aged 11 who has been banned from driving when he crashed a Ford Granada into a wall. The reason for this accident was because he couldn’t see over the steering wheel. He admits to being a fan of the GTA series and says “you can pinch a car, right, and then drive it to get another car and then get out and take the second car”. He continues- “You can even take a car off the police or you can just smash into them. And then you can make them drive at dead fast speeds”.

“I want to stop getting into trouble but don’t know how” he told the reporter before raving on about GTA.

People, this is why we have to put up with age ratings. It’s idiots like this that spoil it for the 99.9% insane inhabitants of the world.

GTA lets players control a character of crime and you can climb the ladder of the underworld by performing missions such as killing targets and smashing up cars. Papers like the Daily Mail have always slammed the series because it is politically incorrect. In the perfect world of a politician we all save the world and no one gets hurt. Unfortunately these people on salaries can’t get the fact into their heads that this is just a game and meant for enjoyment, not as a role model. Obviously those who do copy scenes from games (like those people lying in hospital with broken bones after attempting stunts from Jackass) are idiots and should be locked up for the stupidity that they actually thought of recreating the stunt.

So there we have it. Another ‘special child’ has reared his ugly head for our enjoyment. Point and laugh, then frown.

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