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European Xbox and PS2 price cut announced

Sony announced this afternoon at the Leipzig Game Convention in Germany that it’s slashing the cost of the PS2 in the UK and Europe to 104.99 GBP effective immediately. Similarly, Microsoft has now confirmed that as of August 27 Xbox will retail at £99 (149.99 euro).

As usual, there was loads of jockeying for attention and rumours abound all day about who was going to say what, who was going to announce the drop first, what time the bar closed – all the usual stuff, but in the end Microsoft got the drop Sony. They stepped up at 3pm (CET) and told us all their news first. By a cool 90 minutes.

So, Microsoft called it first, but won’t slash their price till the end of the month. It’s all swing and roundabouts, eh?

Reports of Sony exec’s taunting Microsoft representative’s over their lack of a new GTA title are as yet unconfirmed.

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