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Europa Universalis IV – Crusader Kings II save converter announced

Crusader Kings

Paradox Interactive has announced the final preorder incentive for their upcoming PC strategy title Europa Universalis IV.

The save converter will carry over details from their previous military campaign, Crusader Kings II, allowing established empires to be continued. This is a feature we should expect to see become more common in future years, from smaller details to variances in story beats. As neat as this save converter is, however, it’s a shame to see it held behind a preorder wall.

You can read Nick Horth’s review of Crusader Kings II here, and the expansion here. Nick concluded his review with, “Crusader Kings isn’t really about the military campaign. It’s about what goes on behind the scenes of a medieval kingdom; the wrathful kings, traitorous barons and scheming countesses, the alliances and the betrayals, the sacrifices and schemes. It might look like a daunting game to dive into, but stick with it and you’ll find one of the most engaging and addictive strategy experiences available.”

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