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Eidos management quit due to pressure from shareholders

Three top executives at SCi Entertainment have left the company after rumours that the shareholders were displeased that attempts to sell the company fell through, as reported by GamesIndustry.


Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, released before Christmas has apparently sold over a million copies despite garnering lukewarm review scores and being at the centre of controversy with website Gamespot.

Jane Cavanagh held the CEO position, her husband Bill Ennis was Managing Director of Publishing and Rob Murphy was Managing Director of Studios. Group CFO Phil Rogers will step into the Chief Executive position, and US CFO Malcolm Dunne will temporarily take over Rogers’ position until a permanent solution is found.

The company – the owner of publisher Eidos – has also stated that they intend to delay the release of key titles such as Tomb Raider: Underworld while they assess finances and capital needs. In a statement SCi said:

“Led by Phil, the Board has already commenced a root and branch review of the Company’s strategy and will report back to shareholders on our findings and recommendations within our clear timetable.”

Last year they confirmed their new Montreal studio is working on Deus Ex 3, and that they will be publishing new titles in franchises including Hitman, Conflict and Just Cause.

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