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Eastside Hockey Manager will feature the NHL

Eastside Hockey Manager will now feature NHL players and teams, according to Sega Europe and Sports Interactive. To take advantage of this awesome acquisition, the game will now be known as NHL Eastside Hockey Manager. In addition to the NHL, there are over 20 other leagues available in this management sim.

ìWhile ice hockey is played and followed throughout the world, the NHLís teams and players are the gameís elite,î said Miles Jacobson, Managing Director of Sports Interactive. ìWe feel that these two agreements are crucial in that they will allow us to add the finishing touch of authenticity to what is already an exceptional game, thereby making it a ëmust haveí for all serious ice hockey fans across the globe.î

Look for it on Windows and Mac this July. Check out our interview if you need more on NHL Eastside Hockey Manager.

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