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SNK NEO GEO Consumer Corporation, or SNK as normal people like to call them, just announced the games that they will display at E3.

King of Fighters: Maximum Impact: This is the seriesí first jump into the 3D world. Most franchiseís initial forays into 3D were disappointing (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter) but hereís hoping that this one isnít. Look for it this Fall on the PS2 in America. Sadly, thereís no word yet on a U.K. release. Check out our news story right here.

Metal Slug 3: Believe it or not, this will be SNKís first game for the Xbox. Not only has it made a faithful conversion from the arcade, but it will features an assortment of new features and missions. Best of all is the Xbox Live support so gamers can post their high scores. Look for it very soon in stores. Once again, no word on a U.K. release, yet.

SNK vs. Capcom SVC Chaos: Hereís a title worth getting excited over. This is an Xbox exclusive port of SNKís most popular arcade game. There are 36 fighters from various series, such as Fatal Fury, Street Fighter, Samurai Shodown and many others. To top it all of, it is fully Xbox Live compatible.

Metal Slug Advance: The Xbox isnít the only system that SNK is making a debut on. The GBA will finally be getting Metal Slug, an excellent game that seems perfect for the handheld system. There will be 5 brand-new stages, in addition to 4 minigames. There will also be over 100 E-cards to enhance playerís abilities.

And finally, the combo packs we did a story on a few days ago (check here) and Samurai Shodown 5 will be on display. Weíll let you know more on these titles as it develops.

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