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E3: LucasArts

Star Wars

LucasArts has unleashed their official E3 games list and, while not very long, it contains more than a few very intriguing titles. Oh, and sorry GameCube owners, no goodies coming to you from LucasArts this year…

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Xbox & PC)

OK, so itís not developed by BioWare, but KotoR II still promises to be one fantastic game. The new dev team, Obsidian Entertainment, contains members who have worked such high profile RPGs as Icewind Dale and Baldurís Gate, so the talent is definitely there. The story takes place five years after the events of the original and introduces more than 30 all-new Force powers as well as the ability to traverse seven massive planets. Also, the plot is rumored to delve deeper into the darker, seedier side of the Star Wars universe. Needless to say, we canít wait to get our hands on this one. LucasArts will unveil more in-depth information during E3, so stay tuned.

Star Wars: Battlefront (Xbox, PS2 &PC)

Battlefront is a Battlefield 1942-like online war game set in the Star Wars universe. The emphasis is on intense action and strategic teamwork as you lead the Rebels versus the Empire (or vice versa) on more than fifteen locations across ten separate planets. Xbox Live is the perfect service for this type of Star Wars experience and we canít wait to shout into our headsets while blasting through Endor in a highjacked AT-ST. Right now, the game is set for release on Sept. 21, 2004 — the same day the long overdue Star Wars Trilogy DVD is going to be released.

Star Wars: Republic Commando (Xbox & PC)

Think Halo meets Star Wars. This first person squad-based shooter allows you take control of some kick-butt Republic Commandos as they sweep through the galaxy eliminating rogue bounty hunters and Imperial threats. The Metroid Prime-like HUD display is one of the coolest weíve seen implemented in a first person shooter and the visuals are phenomenal, but only time while tell if the enemy AI, level design and overall experience meets our very high expectations. This is definitely one to keep an eye on during E3.

Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed (PC)

An expansion pack to Star Wars Galaxies. Over 100 new missions, new locations and several new spacecraft round out an intriguing update to LucasArtsí first online Star Wars RPG.

Mercenaries (Xbox & PS2)

The only non-Star Wars title to be shown by LucasArts at ES, Mercenaries is a military action game that allows players to go to war as an American ex-soldier, British secret agent, or Swedish bounty hunter. Not much is currently know about this title, but we will post any new information as it comes.

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