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E3 2011: Looking forward to… Tomb Raider

E3 2011Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider, the franchise, has been saddled with its fair share of baggage – namely The Angel of Darkness. Since then, new franchise developers, Crystal Dynamics, have done nothing but release quality Tomb Raider offerings, as well as the exceptional Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. But, despite their track record, the Tomb Raider stigma has continued to loiter in many a gamer’s memory. Enter Tomb Raider, the reboot, a place to hopefully start fresh.

E3 2011 should be the first time anybody will get to see Tomb Raider in action, and I suspect it won’t fail to impress. Assuming the reboot ships later this fall, it will have been three years since 2008’s Tomb Raider: Underworld, and it stands to reason that Crystal Dynamics is poised to deliver something very special; Tomb Raider, in many ways, is the studio’s first wholly original Tomb Raider title. While Legend, Anniversary and Underworld were all Crystal Dynamics, the studio was still working with Core Design’s DNA.

With the freedom to take Lara Croft in their own direction, Tomb Raider sounds like it’ll finally reposition Lara to do what she does best: explore. Dropping Lara and the player into an unfamiliar locale and tasking them to survive is a recipe for success. Gone are the tired tales of the Croft bloodline, gone are the disposable sidekicks, and gone is the unnecessary gunplay, again, hopefully. And what you’re left with is Lara and your instincts.

Now that sounds like my kind of Tomb Raider.

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