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E3 2011: Looking forward to… SSX

E3 2011SSX

I hope that SSX will be available to play at E3, in the same way that I’ve been hoping that the series would return for the last six or seven years. At one time, a new SSX game seemed as improbable as a new TimeSplitters, a thought that was best suppressed to avoid disappointment. But while Free Radical’s iconic FPS series is now legitimately defunct, SSX vanished for almost no apparent reason.

Now it’s back and eagerly awaited, to say the least. The extent to which the EA team in Vancouver has stayed true to the original franchise will be of most interest. With their ‘Race it, trick it, survive it’ approach, it looks like they’re trying to appeal to a wide audience looking for a range of experiences, but it may be tricky (sorry, the pun was too tempting) to create a game that feels cohesive.

For a game that was so reliant on the conservation of momentum, it’ll be interesting to see if SSX can pick up where it left off years ago and maintain its course. If it’s on the show floor, I’ll be there to find out the answer.

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