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E3 2011: Looking forward to… Serious Sam 3: BFE

E3 2011

The original Serious Sam was one of my first introductions to LAN gaming. I’d long been playing PC games, but didn’t have the know-how for multiplayer gaming. A friend’s parents were away and within that house were five PCs linked together. Take a guess what happened next, and no, it wasn’t any of those sorts of things. Arriving in the early hours of the morning we set everything up and began a co-op campaign. One life each per level and an endless onslaught of wild aliens. It was bliss. With fifteen minutes sleep in the morning, I left that domain of excellence to go work a full shift, at one point nearly falling asleep whilst serving a customer.

While fun, the recent downloadable versions of the first two titles hadn’t aged well and lacked the impact the game once had. Croteam are looking to correct that with their latest entry to the series, this time a prequel set on Earth. Huge aliens, massive weaponry and a character who’s serious about guns and very little else, what could possibly go wrong?

I’m confident that Croteam can deliver the goods on this one. The clash of the typical, though gorgeous looking, military FPS scenery and cartoon-like aliens is already causing a buzz. It’s time for gaming to get stupid again – in a good way. Now all we need is a Timesplitters 4 surprise reveal…

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