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E3 2011: Looking forward to… Duke Nukem Forever

Duke NukemE3 2011

It’d be contradictory of me if I didn’t do yet another write up of this game; making it a FPS triple-bill at E3 for me. Even if I won’t actually be there to play them *sobs*. But my good friends-in-writing will.

Following the article on my love for Mr. Nukem, those beers are still chilling in the fridge following Gearbox’s inevitable delay, and with plenty of trailers, the excitement continues.

Fifteen years since the third and last title in the series, fifteen ruddy years. It’s been a while. And I’ll be skipping the demo. I’d rather wait seven more days than play a selection of levels out of synch and out of context. It’d be like watching three random chapters of a DVD instead of waiting a week to watch the whole thing.

Anyway, there’s one problem: the previews haven’t been that great. A common message across them all is that it looks and plays okay, but okay won’t quite cut it. Our own editor, Philip Morton, got to try out the multiplayer recently and was…less than impressed.

But there’s a positive to all of this. Many have cited it as feeling old, with over powered weaponry, ’80s one-liners, colourful levels, not enough set pieces and plenty of strafing. Yet everyone is begging for TimeSplitters 4, a title that’ll – if it ever exists – do exactly the same. So all is not yet lost – we live in hope.

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