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DualShock 3 due soon

In something of a reversal after omitting the rumble feature from the PS3’s controller design, Sony have announced at the Tokyo Game Show that they will soon be releasing a DualShock 3 with rumble and to be supported by a myriad of forthcoming PS3 games.

Rumble was originally omitted from the Sixaxis design because Sony claimed it interfered with the pad’s motion-sensors, although other hardware manufacturers have rubbished this claim, and it is widely thought to be down to the legal battle taking place between Sony and Immersion, the latter whom own the rights to dual-motor rumble technology. After being taken to court for patent infringements, Sony eventually settled with Immersion for a reported US $90.7 million, and it is believed that a licensing agreement has now been reached between the two companies.


The DualShock 3 is identical in appearance to the Sixaxis pad, and will be released in Japan this November. It should reach the US and Europe by Spring 2008, although the actual date and price is yet to be announced.

There are nine playable titles on the floor at the TGS which support vibration, and some of the bigger titles include MGS4, Uncharted, echochrome, Devil May Cry 4 and Ratchet & Clank Future.

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