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Driver 3 screenshots


Here they are, the first shots of Driver 3. And despite Relflections’ insistance that it’s work in progress, it looks fantastic. None of the cars carry official licences, but the cities of Nice, Miami and Istanbul are mapped and presented in exquisite detail, both indoors and out. As you can see.

The game’s shooting sections are inspired by The Matrix: grab a couple of big guns, blast away until they’re empty, chuck ’em and grab two more. The car physics are detailed to the point of insanity, with Driver 3 blessed with some of the most advanced handling, damage and object interaction ever.

Combining the best bits of the storyline from The Getaway, the free-roaming nature of Vice City and the multi-solution missions of Hitman 2, Driver 3 has learned from its predecessors and has become the master. Expect more soon.

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