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Driver 3 details emerge


With GTA: Vice City breaking pretty much every record there is and SCEE’s The Getaway keeping also selling by the bucket-load, work is proceeding feverishly on Infogrames’s forthcoming entrant into the genre, Driver 3.After the first two Driver titles on PSone won much critical appraisal, UK developer Reflections opted to take a little break before creating a third-instalment of the hit series. This “break” involved making the set-piece driver Stuntman for PS2, giving the developer invaluable next-gen experience and time to test out what was essentially a prototype-Driver 3 engine.
Indeed, Reflections has unsurprisingly revealed that Driver 3 – due out on all next-gen formats – is based on an enhanced version of the Stuntman engine. Aside from basic upgrades, the updated engine now allows for vehicle doors to be opened and self-shadowing from the various vehicle parts.
Moving on from the cars of Driver and Driver 2, Driver 3 – like Vice City – allows you to get behind the wheel of any vehicle in the game, with larger trucks and boats added for good measure. Like GTA, the game will not have any licensed vehicles
Building on the single cities featured in The Getaway and Vice City, Driver 3 is set in Miami, Nice and Istanbul, with huge areas of each recreated with the fastidious precision of The Getaway, or Bizarre Creations’ Project Gotham. And with each city weighing in with around 30 square miles of roads, plus Vice City-style interiors to explore, it’s gonna be huge.
It seems clear Reflections has taken a long hard look at GTA 3 and Vice City, both of which have had a clear influence on Driver 3. But with just under a year of development left, the team has a great deal of time to ‘up the ante’ and create a genuine masterpiece.
More news when we get it. Driver 3 is due out this Christmas.

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