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Check out this press release from Sega…

“The King of Route 66TM can make a road-hardened warrior out of anyone! Get ready to experience life as a real American hero. Battle with the evil Tornado Corporation and their army of goons while you try to win the hearts of the beautiful Queens of the road. Hop in the seat of one of 5 giant 18-wheel trucks and blaze a nitro-fuelled path to glory across the United States. Each mode of play delivers amazing graphics, unique goals, and fully customizable trucks for over 30 hours of intense trucking action. Over 40 characters each with their own unique story and voice populate the turbulent ribbon of asphalt and you’re going to have to meet them all. Most will be terrible foes that will stop at nothing to keep you from your goal, but 8 special ladies are guaranteed to be plenty friendly if you drive home the goods!”

Really? Well, here’s some less than impressive screen shots…

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