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Deck out your virtual pad with ESPN NFL

Sega Sports has announced a new feature that will be present in their upcoming title – ESPN NFL Football. Known as ‘The Crib,’ this feature will allow you to fill up an empty apartment with various unlockable goodies, like furniture, trophies, bobblehead dolls, air hockey tables (which can actually be played as a mini-game) and much, much more. Sega promises over 300 different items will be unlockable when the final product ships.

“We already knew that our sports gamers were ultra-competitive, so we wanted to keep challenging them to be on their game when they play,” said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts Entertainment. “This is one of the many ways that we are raising the bar in ESPN NFL Football this year with innovative features that keep the game not only challenging, but also fun.”

Will ‘The Crib” beat out the popular Madden Cards in addictive appeal? Only time will tell…

ESPN NFL Football is scheduled to ship early September in the US – just in time for football season.

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