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Counter-Strike 1.6 due on Thursday

Valve Software has announced that Counter-Strike 1.6 will be released tomorrow. Arriving in conjunction with the release of and only initially available via Steam 2.0 beta, Valve’s online download system, the 1.6 update will include new guns, a new map, bug fixes and other additions.
Most notably, Counter-Strike 1.6 introduces two new rifles to the terrorist/counter-terrorist proceedings, namely the Galil and Famas, a riot shield for the CTs and a new map going by the name of de_airstrip. Levels de_inferno and de_Aztec have also received a makeover, other tweaks include widescreen view modes for supporting hardware and damage increase for the Glock pistol.
The arrival of Steam 2.0 beta and Counter-Strike 1.6 will also be accompanied by an update to Team Fortress Classic that will consist of new map Ravelin, a teleportation pad for the Engineer class and more.
Also watch out for Counter-Strike on Xbox, to be released in the spring/summer. We’ll bring you more on that when we get it.

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