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Colin McRae 4 news and screens

Codemasters have announced that Colin McRae Rally 04 will allow gamers to compete for best stage times in Leagues updated online via Xbox Live. Unfortunately there is no online play, so we will have to look towards Colin McRae Rally 05 for that.

At launch, Live leagues will open for each stage and Super Special stage in the game – with some already tough times to beat set by the development team.

There will be two Live leagues for each stage: an All-time Best Stage Time League and a Monthly Best Stage Time League. If past Colin McRae Rally gamers are anything to go by, it’s going to be hugely competitive and Codemasters will be running competitions to find the game’s fastest driver.

Offline, players can also get competitive and go head-to-head in Colin McRae Rally 04’s multiplayer race modes. In the Championship mode, players can either compete against each other rallying for different manufacturers or play co-operatively driving for the same team. In Stages and Rally mode, players can race in split screen – two players on PS2 and four players on Xbox – or four players alternately on both systems.

Colin McRae Rally 04 is coming to the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in late September.

This first screenshot is from the PS2 version for your to drool over…

The following two are from the Xbox version…

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