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Codemasters back away from GameCube

UK developer and publisher Codemasters has no immediate plans to release games on the GameCube, and are going to focus on PC and the other next-gen formats. It’s believed this position has been taken because of simple numbers, although they will not say anything officially at the moment.

A Codemasters spokesperson said, “While we have nothing currently in development for GameCube we will continue to assess the viability of releasing versions of our games on Nintendo’s console.”

This is another step downhill, as Sega Sports recently dropped their support for the system. EA and Activision have also been slowly backing away from GameCube development, with one source mentioning that, “EA is definitely scaling back on GameCube development – and they’ve sold almost twice as many units of Xbox games than GameCube games.”

It’s certainly no secret that GameCube versions of the games have not been shifting as well as PS2 and Xbox versions. And with GameCube hardware sales falling short of expectations across the world, alarm bells are beginning to sound as far as 3rd development is concerned.

We’ll keep you up to date on all developments.

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