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Chinese Nintendo

Nintendo have decided to release a backwards compatible console only in China. The machine is expected to retail for about £40, making it perfect for the lower budgets of Chinese gamers.

With the huge problem of illegally copied software in the region, Nintendo are premiering a new method of software delivery. Customers get a Flash card which they can use to download games in a shop which they can then upload onto their machines. Each card is individually tagged so that it only work on the designated machine – virtually eliminating the possibility of the less than scrupulous copying games and flooding the market with cheap titles in one fell swoop.

The system can (and will) play anything from Nintendo’s illustrious back-catalogue, right up to the GameCube. This means it can play anything written for the Game Boy, NES, SNES, GBA and N64, leading some to believe that the console’s architecture is based on the unreleased 64DD.

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