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Capcom staffers say ‘hadoken’

Capcom staffers Funamizu-san and Sudo-san have left the company to set up a new Japan-based studio, according to industry reports. This follows in the footsteps of Game Republic’s Yoshiki Okamoto, who also previously produced high profile projects for Capcom before unceremoniously leaving and also taking a handful of staffers with him.

Funamizu-san’s new studio will be named ‘Craft and Meister’ and is currently made up of six employees.

For those who don’t know, Funamizu’s credits include the all important Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Alpha titles, as well as Resident Evil Outbreak and the current big Japanese hit Monster Hunter. Sudo-san worked on Auto Modellista and Capcom VS SNK 2, among others.

With that kind of pedigree, ‘Craft and Meister’ may well be a developer worth watching…

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