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Candy Pink DS set to take Japan by storm


Well, wouldn’t you know it? That sexy, metallic blue Pepsi DS system that we showed off a few weeks ago was just the tip of the iceberg. Nintendo has just announced that they are releasing four “official” new colors for their touch screen portable. As soon as March 24th, Pure White and Graphite Black systems will be available for purchase in Japan, with US getting them soon after (UK release TBD). Not yet convinced that these new colors are super-sexy? Allow the following pictures to do the talking:

And that’s just half of the goodness. On April 21st, Nintendo of Japan will release their other two color schemes: Turquoise Blue and Candy Pink. Those very (and I mean very) secure with their masculinity may find the Pink DS appealing, but the Turquoise system will likely be the more sought after of the two. Though, the new Pink system may allow you to successfully inundate your girlfriend into the wonderful world of video gaming; such rare opportunities should certainly not be passed up.

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