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Burglary and Basketball

Rockstar continue to impress with a details of a host of new features and screenshots released within the last month alone. Today we can take a look at the new Daily Mail-angering burglary feature, and why it’s so great.

Thanks to a brand new lighting system , shadows will now come into play much more, allowing you to sneak into various buildings and residences with all the grace of a ninja, only a ninja wearing a balaclava and brandishing a baseball bat. It’s not a good idea to climb through a window with your face uncovered, neither is it smart to pull a job without a weapon of some sort – San Andreas’s residents will call the police if threatened, and some might even take the law into their own hands. Naturally the posher the area, the better the loot, so robbing some struggling white rapper’s trailer won’t get you anything worth flogging.

A criticism levelled at previous GTA games is the lack of things to spend your ill-gotten gains on, but San Andreas plans to change all that. For the first time, clothes shopping lets you flash your benjies in exchange for the latest threads. Value store Binco will provide you with some togs, although the sweats and plaid shirts are really only suitable for the streets and will cause you plenty of aggro when you move up in the world. If you’re looking to dress a little snappier, then SubUrban should provide you with some branded sportswear and a little more respect.

However, for the true chav, nothing more than clobber from sports superstore ProLaps will do. Mix and match clothing with body shapes and hairstyles, and you’ve got true character configuration in a GTA game for the first time. Deck yourself out in full-on sportswear, and you can even step on the court for a quick game of basketball. We’re not quite sure how that’ll work but quite frankly, who cares…

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