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BT asks Sony for Getaway cuts


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is to edit its PS2 title, The Getaway, in order to remove a scene which depicts a gun-toting criminal wearing BT-branded clothing. Sony reportedly failed to obtain BT’s permission to use its insignia, with BT forcing the development team to make the changes, not wanting to be associated with the violent, 18-rated title.

The offending scene itself is one of the largest in the first half of the game. As the main character – the gangster Hammond – you pick up a BT van, drive another van on its way to a police station off the road and enter the police station yourself in a BT engineer’s uniform. Once inside, you gain access to a gun and may proceed to blast your way out of the station.

The re-cut game will reportedly be shipped to stores within a fortnight, but Sony will not be recalling titles containing the BT branding already on store shelves.

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