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Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood info and screenies

Brothers in Arms

Despite the name getting worse, everything else in Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood is looking mighty fine, which is why we’ve come up with these screenshots to show why we’re getting so incredibly excited about things.

Following on – to the minute – from the end of the original game, this tactical FPS drops you into the role of the newly promoted Sergeant Joe Hartsock and gives you the job of defending the town of Carentan, and then clearing the entire Cherbourg peninsula.

With a dramatically enhanced rival AI, new weaponry such as the FG42 and the 88mm gun, expanded urban locations and a cooperative mode to match that of online, Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood already looks set to march ahead of the army of WWII shooters.

Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood will be sent into action in the autumn on PS2, Xbox and PC

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