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Bring on the pain

“Listen up Jabroni, can you smell what The Rock is…”


Finally, your chance to make wrestlers bleed…

One of the best additions to the latest game in the SmackDown series, Here Comes The Pain, is the ability to make your opponent bleed. So now, flattening your opponent’s face with your boot will result in a blood-spattered clock, likewise a quick blow to the face with a metal chair will cause your foe’s fizzog to explode in colour. Obviously this is the kind of behaviour we’d like our kids to emulate at home. Of course, making braindead lunks like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson bleed profusely from the eyes will be a major draw for some punters, me included. Die, The Rock, Die!

WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain has been scripted to make an arrival in the UK this October, exclusively on PS2.

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