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Borderlands 2: The Mechromancer DLC


Originally part of a pre-order incentive, The Mechromancer DLC can be purchased by any Borderlands 2 player. In addition to the fifth playable class, anyone that downloads the pack will get a golden key for unlocking a rare weapon in Sanctuary, the Vault Hunter’s Relic, and Gearbox’s Golden Guns to sweeten the deal. Bear in mind that this piece of DLC isn’t a part of the season pass, so it costs a bit extra assuming you didn’t get in on the original pre-order bonus.

“A gift for robotics”The Vault Hunter’s Relic increases the chances of finding rare loot, so naturally it comes in handy whenever opening chests, especially the one found in Sanctuary. You’re practically guaranteed something good if you open that chest with the relic equipped. As for the golden guns, they come in handy during the first two levels or so, but quickly become outmoded and are best sold off as soon as something better comes along. Golden guns and the Vault Hunter’s Relic are accessible to all classes once purchased, so they’re not just restricted to the Mechromancer.

As for the Mechromancer herself, her name is Gaige and she’s a plucky teenager with a gift for robotics. Her backstory is that she fled to Pandora for fame and fortune after her robotic creation—Deathtrap—accidentally killed her rival at a science fair. Her personality is best described as a slightly older and less caffeinated version of Tiny Tina. She’s bright, cheerful, and spouts dialogue stereotypical to a teenager always wired to pop culture and the internet.

Three skill branches are available and allow the player to scale how hard or easy things are going to be for Gaige. The much talked-about Best Friends Forever branch focuses on support skills. A full ammo click lets Gaige regenerate health or missed bullets will ricochet, damaging enemies. Little Big Trouble is all about triggering elemental damage, mostly focusing on lightning. Ordered Chaos as all about Anarchy: a passive skill that can be stacked for bonus damage depending on what the player does. More Anarchy equates to more damage, but will significantly drop accuracy.

“A flexible character class ”Deathtrap can serve as offense or defense depending on the situation and what skills have been chosen. His standard method of attack is to go to the nearest enemy and start taking swings, freeing up Gaige and the other vault hunters to revive or focus on other enemies. Though only available for a relatively short time, he can be an invaluable resource and his presence feels like having a fifth player on the team. Depending on the chosen skill, he can heal teammates, deal damage with lasers, or send out orbs that shock enemies.

The Mechromancer is a flexible character class that can be used by just about anyone, and Gaige is a solid addition to Borderlands 2. Although she doesn’t really serve a specific role on the team, she can fit in with just about anybody no matter which skill branch is pursued. Hopefully, Gearbox will consider adding more classes as time goes on.

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