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Blizzard working on new MMO?

A Blizzard community representative has confirmed on the American World of WarCraft forums that the company is working on a new Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) unrelated to their WarCraft franchise. Questions arose when job applications went up on the site for Lead 3D Character Artist and Lead 3D Environment Artist for a ‘Next Gen MMO’, and one of the Blizzard forum staff members stated “No, it is an unannounced Next-Gen MMO. And that doesn’t mean an expansion for World of WarCraft either.”


The news has been met with feverish anticipation over on the WoW forums, sparking a guessing game as to what the next title might be. It’s unknown even if it will be based on another existing Blizzard franchise such as StarCraft or Diablo, or whether it will be a new IP altogether. What’s more, after the recent joining of Activision and [Blizzard’s parent company] Vivendi, could it be based on one of Activision’s franchises? Might it be a Call of Duty MMO? Or perhaps Guitar Hero? Maybe even another Tony Hawk game?! Also, with the job ad stating ‘Next-Gen MMO’, could it be console-bound? Or is ‘Next-Gen’ simply a generalisation for all forthcoming games, PC or otherwise? Speculation aside, we’ll have to wait for more information to filter through from Blizzard or their parent company.


At the moment, Blizzard are known to be working on World of WarCraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, and Real-Time Strategy title StarCraft 2. Both titles are expected sometime in 2008, although StarCraft might well see delays beyond that. There is also a WarCraft movie in the works, to be released in 2009 from Warner Bros. It is not known yet whether the actors will run around for several months hitting each other until they reach level 60.

Go here to see the original job advert.

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