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Big day for Civilization


2K Games announced today the releases of both CivCity: Rome and Civilization 4: Warlords. As you’re reading this, your local game store should be peppering their shelves with copies of both games. CivCity: Rome is a sort of SimCity style game where you build up a city, only this time, you’re building up ancient Rome from scratch. You’ll be responsible for building all of the economic infrastructure that will turn ancient Rome into the top city of the ancient world. You’ll also have to keep your populous happy, so you’ll have the power to organize gladiatorial events and wonders that will keep their minds off their high taxes and low social services.

Civilization 4: Warlords is going to be amazing. I don’t mean that the game is going to be a perfect 10/10, but I’m going to be very impressed if the developers actually managed to squeeze something MORE into Civilization 4, which was a massive game to begin with. These aren’t even small additions either. Check this out:

Key Features:

· Warlords: A new great person type called the Warlord.
· Vassal States: Conquer an enemy and subjugate them to your rule.
· Game Scenarios: The expansion delivers eight new scenarios.
· New Civilizations: The pack will provide six new civilizations and associated unique units.
· Civilization Leaders: Ten new leaders, including leaders for the new civilizations as well as additional leaders for existing civilizations.
· Leader Traits: Three new leader traits.
· New Wonders: Three new wonders.
· Unique Buildings: Each civilization includes a new unique building as well as their unique unit.
· New Units, Resources, and Improvements: Many new items are presented throughout the scenarios.
· Core Game Tweaks and Additions: Expanded features and gameplay tweaks are made to the core game.
· Post-Release Patches and Game Upgrades: The pack contains all of the patches and game additions (Pit Boss, etc.) released to date for Sid Meier’s Civilization IV.

That’s a lot of new stuff. A little ambiguous, but a lot of stuff none the less. You’ll find out a lot more about both of these if you come back to Thunderbolt and read the reviews we’ll be publishing.

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