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Battlestar Galactic

Warthog’s Battlestar Galactica, for PS2 and Xbox, is actually set 40 years prior to events depicted in the classic TV series, is a “story-driven space action-adventure” that sees player assuming the role of one of Ensign William Adama.
The Cylon-Colonial Wars is reaching its violent conclusion, and at this vital turning point in the conflict Adama finds himself on a critical first assignment: he’s a pilot aboard warship Battlestar Galactica.

As Adama, players will engage in heated confrontation with the unforgiving Cylons, jumping into a wide array of space craft – sleek fighter types through to heavy bombers – and undertaking “defensive, assault, escort, infiltration and reconnaissance missions”.

So, where Battlestar Galatica was pretty much a cheap and cheerful Star Wars rip-off, what’s the odds on this game playing second fiddle to all the Star Wars flight sims we’ve recently had on all consoles? Still, with 80s nostalgia still riding high internationally, it looks like this will be a big hit either way.

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