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Battlefield 1942 on Xbox canned

According to some reports in the US, the Xbox version of the PC fragfest Battlefield 1942 has been cancelled by EA. Apparently, the console edition of the World War II action game has been cut loose to allow developer Digital Illusions to concentrate solely on the PC version and imminent expansion Road to Rome.Battlefield 1942 was initially unveiled to an expectant audience, an audience from both the PC and Xbox gaming world. However, with the PC version out for months and no news on the Xbox version, people have become a bit sceptical towards there being any console version.
Battlefield 1942 is a single player and multiplayer World War II action game that has both foot soldier and vehicle-based combat on a massive scale conflicts in huge, detailed maps.
Although this is sad news for Xbox owners everywhere, there are plenty of other games to look forward to this year, including one that might just be the best game ever: Halo 2. More on that soon…

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