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Batman Begins early shots


A close second to Star Wars: Episode III for the title of ‘must see movie of the summer’, Batman Begins is looking like a decidely different spin on the adventures of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego.

Dispensing with the garish campy crapness of Joel Schumacher’s entries in the series, Chris Nolan’s take is looking darker, edgier and, to put it simply, much better already. Whether it’ll reach the dizzying heights of Batman Returns is another thing, but EA are naturally on videogame adaptation duty, and so far the game looks every bit as promising as the movie.

Mixing elements of stealth, action and perhaps even a few flying sections, Batman Begins should at the very least be unique enough to stand head-to-head with other superhero titles, although Spider-Man 2 did raise the bar to impressive new levels last year.

Apart from that details are spares – no word yet on any involvement from the stars of the movie – and stars they are, with Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and Katie Holmes already cast – but given EA’s marketing clout, we expect some of those guys to have voiceover deals written in to their movie contracts.

Batman Begins arrives at cinemas in June, with the game expected to turn up a couple of months later appearing on PS2, Xbox and GameCube, not to mention the PSP and DS.

Check out these early screens…

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