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Argos mistakenly distributes Halo 3 pre-orders a week early

UK high street store Argos has mistakenly broke the release date on Halo 3 by one week, allowing stacks of jammy customers to collect their pre-orders.

The store quickly became aware of its enormous error and soon rectified matters, making sure the proper release date of Wednesday 26th September is adhered to from now on.

The problem arose when the Argos website told those who reserved a copy could collect it “Wed 19th September – Thu 20th September”. Oblivious till clerks dutifully distributed the games a week early, allowing some lucky bastards to play it in advance, and now doubt taunt the rest of us when they can tear themselves away.


Chiefy was reported to be ‘a bit pissed off’ at Argos

Commenting on the mistake, senior regional director for the UK and Ireland at Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division Neil Thompson said Microsoft accept it was a genuine mistake and do not intend to pursuit further action against the retailer:

“From what I understand of it, it was an honest and genuine mistake. I’m disappointed that it happened because of the turmoil it creates, but I totally understand that in every organisation sometimes it’s tough to manage every particular aspect of your supply chain and everything, to the nth degree, so that something won’t go wrong at some point.

“I don’t think there was any malice on the part of Argos at all, it was just an honest mistake. Argos reacted incredibly quickly to the mistake, they issued us with a detailed summation of why the mistake happened – mistakes like that, we have to be somewhat flexible.

“I’m happy at the moment that nobody has used that as an excuse to go and do silly things. We’ve been very clear with retailers that if they do choose to go down that path, then a lot of the support that we’ve given them, in marketing and things like that – that has an impact on it.

“We’re pretty forceful in our approach to these things, because we want it to be a fair market for all.”

Regarding the launch next week, and the whirl of publicity surrounding the game and subsequently the industry in general:

“Everyone will talk about the money, and stuff like that, because that’s a headline-grabbing idea – that gaming is potentially going to be the biggest entertainment event that hits this country this year.

“If you over-hype something that doesn’t deliver on the promise, then you run the risk of a backlash and that can work against you. I honestly don’t believe that’s the case with Halo 3.”

Expect lots of copies to be floating around eBay over the next few days.

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