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Area 51 Site Opens

Midway has announced by way of press releases that the official site to AREA 51, which will be released in April and is based on the hit arcade game of yesteryear, has formally opened. The new version of AREA 51 is an action-packed first-person shooter starring Marilyn Manson, David Duchovney and Powers Boothe. Players will have to deal with the paranormal if they hope to leave the facility alive in what looks to be an entertaining blast-a-thon through Amercia’s famous underground “research” center.

The site features a video which will introduce gamers to the title (and possibly freak them out a little) as well as a blog and webcam. A few videos of the gameplay are also included.

For more information on this highly-classified new title, please visit, and, in the meantime, check out these awesome new screens:

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