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Allied Assault sequel announced

EA has revealed details about both a full follow-up to the first-person shooter Allied Assault. The sequel is called Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, will be similarly themed to the announced Medal of Honor: Rising Sun for consoles, dealing with the Pacific Theatre of World War II. PC and next-gen console plotlines will be different though.
Pacific Assault is being developed in-house at EA and will kick off with the Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor. Players will immediately become engrossed in the action, as they attempt, no doubt with some futility, to stave off the attacking enemy. After this initial stage, you’ll head into the Pacific Theatre proper, experiencing the likes of the notorious Guadalcanal and more.

It’s expected that the opening Pearl Harbor sequence will be an intense gameplay experience, much like the Normandy beach landing in Allied Assault and Airborne drop in Spearhead.

Pacific Assault is a full-blown sequel, so we should quite rightly expect updates and enhancements across the board – after all, we don’t simply want Allied Assault in another Theatre of World War II. Thankfully, we’re not going to be disappointed. Significant gameplay, graphical, engine (Quake III technology will be heavily modified) and AI overhauls are planned and we will most definitely be handling new firepower, maybe even a flamer.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is set for a January 2004 release.

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