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The Tony Hawk series is about as consistent as Madden is these days. Every year, another release hits the shelves, offering one or two new minor improvements to the same-old, tried and true formula, right? The only difference is, for the past two editions, the Tony Hawk series has actually made a number of big changes to the series. They weren’t as drastic in American Wasteland, but they were pronounced in Tony Hawk’s Project 8.


The game is about to change even more. The latest in the series, due out sometime this fall, is Tony Hawk’s Proving Grounds. Expect the same controls and the same general mechanics, but now, your character grows and progresses more realistically thanks to what essentially boil down to RPG character classes. There are three and they depend on how you play the game. Which of the three classes you fall into ( career athlete, hardcore skater, or “Rigger” (someone who ‘alters and modifies the world as a giant skatepark”) all depend on how you choose to play. A competent video editor that will allow you to make your own personalized skate videos (Xbox Live and PS3 owners should be able to hopefully share these videos) will also be included.


Of course, along with this, all the previous additions return. Nail-the-Trick is back and has been expanded. The world is seamless, once again. Online play is now designed so players can move into an online game from the single-player mode, thus eliminating a lot of messy menus and unnecessary delays. And, as always, a variety of skating pros will make their appearances along the way.


We say it nearly every year – this is probably going to be the best Tony Hawk game. Check back with us for more coverage on this sure-to-be-hit.

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