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Activision acquire Bizarre Creations

In something of an unexpected turn of events, mega-publisher Activision has bought Project Gotham Racing developer, British studio Bizarre Creations. They are to start work on two new games for their new parent company – one a racing game (unsurprisingly), and the other ‘character-based’.

There are due to be no redundancies and the studio is to continue working with other publishing houses, such as Microsoft with Project Gotham Racing 4, due later this year, and with Sega on third person shooter The Club.


Project Gotham Racing, which is the second biggest brand on Xbox to date.

In an announcement on their website, the studio said:

“Bizarre isn’t a developer in financial trouble, and we’re certainly not looking to be ‘saved’ by a bigger corporation,
“We’re a developer looking to take our games to the next level, and make the absolute best products we can possibly make.”

Bizarre’s managing director Martin Chudley also said in a statement:

“Our goal at Bizarre Creations has always been to do all we can to nurture our creative and passionate teams, who excel at and enjoy what they do,
“Activision’s independent studio model will continue giving us creative freedom to build exciting new brands. Their financial support and marketing prowess will also enable us to build upon the commercial success that we currently enjoy, and take the company – and our games – to an even higher level.”


Xbox Live smash hit Geometry Wars

Activision CEO Robert Kotick said of Bizarre:

“[They are] the leading independent developer with a proven track record in developing highly successful and influential original properties, especially in the racing field”.
“They are one of the most innovative and creative studios in the industry, and we are very excited to welcome this talented creative team to Activision.”

Specifics of the buyout have not yet been disclosed, but both parties insist the studio will be left largely to its own devices and that Bizarre will now operate as a “truly multiplatform studio.”

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