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A game with a never-ending story

Scientists in America are working on a new technology that would allow them to create games that would never end.

Avoiding linear plots and storylines, the plan is to adapt AI used for robot navigation to create and manage worlds that continually offer new challenges to gamers.

This would mean that programmers will no longer have to script every event in the game. The game would look at what the characters are currently doing, their past actions and then evaluate how these things will effect the world in a wider context. So destroying an important object or killing someone you really shouldn’t will have long-lasting effects with implications for the whole world. For the first time, you will be making your own storyline and controlling your own destiny.

In the tests, which have included the mead hall in Beowolf and an aquarium, these worlds were generated using the Unreal engine, and Professor Young of the team in North Carolina said: “Games companies are realising that story telling has a lot of potential that has not been tapped yet.”

We’ll bring you more on this story as and when.

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