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360 dashboard update details

According to, Microsoft are set to release the latest update for the 360’s dashboard tomorrow on December 4 (which makes for a pleasant birthday present).

Not only can users buy and download original Xbox titles — called “Xbox Originals” — but also play both DivX and XviD movie files. 1UP claims that they’ve tested “every variation of the format possible, including high-definition content as high as 1080P” and that all “ran flawlessly”. This is sure to excite many who have probably grown sick of converting their videos into WMV files.

Aside from some Marketplace re-designing and expanded profiles (with the update, you’ll be able to disclose your name and provide a bio of up to 1,000 words), there is also a “Friends of Friends” feature that allows users the option to view their buddies’ friends list and add whoever they see fit. It’s revealed that there will be three levels of privacy that can be selected, and that anyone twelve or under are prohibited from using this addition.

All the changes seem to be for the good, so tomorrow, be sure to download the update.

There has infact been a problem encountered with changing your signing-in email address, to quote Xbox360fanboy;

Problems including all your forum posts being deleted, your community user level will go bye-bye, your icons will be erased and your gamertag will be replaced with with an “anonymous” name.

The devs behind the scenes are apparently working their little socks off to create a fix, so my advice is to steer clear of changing your email address linked to your gamertag until the issues have been sorted – James

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