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We are always looking for new writing talent to join our team of volunteer writers.

Why Thunderbolt?

With over twelve years of experience, we can provide the feedback and exposure that are essential to your improvement as a writer. We have a proven track record of both developing young writers and providing a place for experienced ones to flourish. Many of our staff members have gone on to work as professional journalists and those that have chosen other careers have benefited immeasurably from their refined writing skills.

Our culture

The editorial and writing team at Thunderbolt are all volunteers, but while we do this for fun, we also want to do a decent job of it. We don’t expect you to follow strict two-day deadlines or submit content every week, but we do value enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism.

Who we’re looking for

When considering prospective writers, we primarily look for:

Excellent English – You don’t need any formal qualifications, but you must have good spelling, grammar, sentence structure and an appropriate writing style. We look for both new and experienced writers.

Enthusiasm – We write for Thunderbolt because we enjoy it. We believe that a videogames website should be run in a certain way and we look for people who share that passion for making the site even better.

Commitment – Helping you improve your writing skills takes time, so it’s mutually beneficial to have writers who are likely to stay around for more than a few months. We never ask for a firm commitment, but many of our writers choose to stay with us for years.

What to do next

If you’re interested and would like to find out more, please email Philip Morton at For any application, we require three writing samples, at least two of which should be reviews. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can, usually within two weeks.