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Thunderbolt is an independent, volunteer-run videogames website.

For over twelve years, our goal has been to provide gamers with a source of information that they can trust and rely on. We don’t aim to cover everything, but we hope you’ll turn to Thunderbolt for articles that are informative, entertaining and aren’t crowded out by a ton of adverts. What you’ll find here are honest opinions from real gamers.

Our values

We share a belief that a videogames website should be run in a certain way:

It’s all about the people – What matters above all else are our staff. They are at the heart of what we do and without them, we would have nothing. We value personal relationships and our sense of community more than money, traffic, free games or anything else.

Quality is key – If we’re going to spend our spare time working on a videogames website, then we might as well do it properly. Quality and professionalism take precedent over quantity and haste.

We’re not in this to make money – To adapt a Walt Disney quote, we don’t write about videogames to make more money, we make money to write more about videogames. The value of the opportunities that arise from working on Thunderbolt are greater than the value of any advertising money we’ll gain.

User experience is important – If the real or perceived effort required to read an article is greater than the expected benefit of doing so, then people won’t read it. Thunderbolt’s design should present our work in the best possible manner so that it is easy to find, read and comment on. Likewise, publishing work should take as little time as possible.

Great writers are made, not found – Becoming a fantastic writer is not something that happens overnight; it requires both continuous practice and feedback, both of which we provide. Developing talent is mutually beneficial for our writers and the site as a whole. Doing so is a natural part of what we do.